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NaPTAN - the most popular dataset you’ve never heard of

NaPTAN is a shy dataset. If you’ve ever used a mobile journey planning app, you’ve probably used NaPTAN, most likely without knowing! NaPTAN, the acronym for National Public Transport Access Nodes, is a national database that contains a unique entry …

The Inaugural DfT Group DDaT Conference: why we did it, what happened and how to run your own

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Earlier this month, we ran the first ever DfT Group Digital, Data & Technology (DDaT) Profession Conference. Not only that, but it was an ‘unconference’.

Experience is what you get instead of what you wanted

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In my previous Blog, Applying data science to policy, I talked about our first attempt at developing a data science software application to automate some painful parts of the policy consultation process. I alluded to challenges we faced and the …